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Welcome to Michael Krawitz & Co Attorneys

Welcome to Michael Krawitz, we are a leader within the legal service field. With a team of dedicated attorneys, our competency extends to virtually all aspects of the law.

We are particularly involved in Matrimonial Law, Family Law, Commercial Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation. Moreover, we are experienced with Insolvency Law, Trusts, Wills, Labour Law, Aviation Law, Immigration Law, Estates, Conveyancing and Criminal Law.

If you are looking for professional lawyers & attorneys in Johannesburg, you’ve come to the right place. Our commitment to providing the best service and support is what drives us. We believe that if we work at a high level, customer service and customer satisfaction will follow.

We act for individuals and also for corporate clients.

Please contact us on:

 Tel: 011 325 2230

 Cell: 082 413 6041

 E-mail: gjk@michaelkrawitz.co.za

Michael Krawitz is a law firm which is passionate about the ability to provide valuable legal solutions. If you are in a position where you feel you need legal assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are here to support you with our knowledge, experience, resources and general advice. Browse through our services to find exactly what you require.

Michael Krawitz is a team that is skilled in all forms of law, with specialities within different fields. This team is made up of efficacious and unstoppable individuals who seek justice.

Success is everything that our law firm strives for and will do everything we can to uphold ethics and the law.

When looking for a good lawyer, you need someone who understands that particular section of the law. It is not a good idea to defend yourself, or choose just any lawyer. Specialised study guarantees that the attorney comprehends everything they need to know about that particular sector.

What this allows is for your defence and support to be backed by years of experience. Your lawyer will know what to look for and what issues may arise.

Our group will defend you with the highest degree of probity. We will back you from the start to the end. Choose Michael Krawitz.


We provide expert and practical advice and have specialist insight into legal
issues arising from our many years of experience:

  • Matrimonial Law

  • Family Law

  • Commercial Law

  • Labour Law