Labour Law

South African companies have a responsibility to comply with South African Labour Law. This is not only a legal obligation for businesses of all sizes and from any industry, but is also an essential component for maintaining the morale of your work-force.

Labour law is the body of law that governs the employer-employee relationship. This includes individual service contracts, common law, and a large group of statutory regulations on matters such as the right to establish and negotiate collective bargaining agreements, protection from discrimination, wages and hours, and health and safety, unfair dismissal matters, unfair labour practices and retrenchments.

Michael Krawitz provides services and advice relating to South African Labour Law and settling related disputes. For employers we can assist with dispute resolution and compliance, as well as offering advice.

For employees who have found themselves the victims of discrimination in labour law, we offer specialist legal services and advice as well.

Labour Law Services for Employers

Employers are expected to be compliant with the regulations set out in accordance with South African Labour Law.

From drawing up terms of employment, handling disciplinaries, resolving workplace conflict and disputes, to facilitating fair dismissals in accordance with the law, our labour law professionals are here to assist companies from all industries, and of all sizes.

We also prepare restraint of trade agreements and employment contracts.

Labour Law Services for Employees

Employees are protected by South African Labour Law in several ways, and according to multiple acts. These include:

If you feel that you have been discriminated against, have been unfairly dismissed or have been maltreated by your employer in terms of the abovementioned acts, we offer specialised labour law services to assist you.

Settling Disputes

Michael Krawitz attorneys seeks fairness for all parties when assisting with finding resolutions for employer-employee relationship disputes.

We offer dispute resolution as a service to businesses, to ensure that they are handled with dignity, practicality and fairness.

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