Litigation Law

Litigation law services offered by our panel at Michael Krawitz cover a wide spectrum of contexts concerning legal disputes. We seek to find a fair conclusion for all parties and see that those who have been wronged through the breach of any legal agreement or dispute, receive the best representation and legal advice possible.

We fight for our clients and ensure that their rights are enforced and that their interests are protected.

More about our Litigation Law Services

Litigation law refers to the guidelines and practices involved in solving  disputes through the Courts and through mediation and other processes.

Legal action can come about in all types of cases, from disputed divorces to eviction proceedings and commercial disagreements, and also damages from delictual claims.

As a constitutional democracy, South African rights and legal obligations apply to all people of our country, whether they be natural or juristic persons.

Natural and juristic persons may, however, become involved in disputes that require litigation or mediation.   This is where our litigation law services come into play.

This is the case whether litigation occurs in a contractual and civil, or criminal matter. If you are in need of representation for any of these contexts, our panel of litigation lawyers at Michael Krawitz can assist with representation and advice.

What Our Litigation Lawyers Can Help you With

Litigation can take place in a great number of contexts where disputes are taking place. Here are a few examples of the types of litigation law services that our panel can assist you with:

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