Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of designing the documents which will define what to do after your passing. This helps to ensure that your loved ones can take care of themselves, and are subsequently taken care of.

Within the plans for your estate, marriage is a crucial factor. The reason for this is that whether you have been married more than once, have children from different relationships or support individuals financially, they will be okay.

Our experts will assist you in the entire process as you carefully structure your finance and assets. This helps in that it guarantees that estate duties are minimised to an extent. This also looks to offer support in that there is enough liquidity within your estate finances for obligations which come with your death.

There can be confusion when a plan has not been set out for the outcome of funds. Estate planning is vital particularly for those who are set to inherit the funds which you have left behind.

It is important to take responsibility now so that the stress of passing is not a burden in finances and family matters.

You may believe that estate planning is focused on the Will and it alone. The Will is simply one component of the planning. Marriage contracts, capital gains tax and income tax are major factors in the entire process.

Allow our team the opportunity to guide you through the entire plan. We will look at all factors to come up with a plan which works for you, your family members and those who you are supporting.

We understand that death is not an easy thing to talk about, however, set yourself up sooner rather than later.

There are a lot of tax implications that come with an individual’s estate. We know everything there is to know about estate planning and can set you up for success.

Every possibility will be considered and you will come out feeling confident about your decisions within the plan itself. We promise you that we will provide the knowledge required to provide you with the best plan possible.

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