Property Law

Michael Krawitz Attorneys offers specialist services offered by experienced property lawyers. The ownership of movable and immovable properties.

What is Property Law?

Property law is an important concept for both businesses and private individuals.

Property Lawyers deal with property law. This is the area of law that relates to the various form of ownership in real property (land) and in personal property, within the common law legal system.

In the civil law scheme, there is a distinction between  movable and immovable property.

Movable property roughly relates to personal property, while fixed property relates to real estate or real property, and the related rights and obligation thereon.

At Michael Krawitz, we have a collection of property lawyers who are exceedingly experienced in handling registrations and cases relating to both movable and immovable properties

Property Law Services

We offer a number of specialised services offered by property lawyers at our firm. These include the following:

Our Property Lawyers

Michael Krawitz houses a strong and experienced team of property lawyers. We are specialised, and handle each and every case with special care and attention.

Our panel’s ongoing commitment to our clients, who fill a satisfied track record, speaks for itself.

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