Aviation Lawyers In Johannesburg

Our team of expert aviation lawyers in Johannesburg will defend you under the law of the air. The law centres on the primary or secondary concerns of civil aviation. Within this, both heavier-than-air and lighter-than-air aircraft are represented under this law.

If you feel that your safety or the safety of your passengers was not protected, we will assist you in finding justice. Our goal is to ensure that all rights are protected and any atrocities are accounted for.

It is our dedication to providing the highest order of legal support and advice. We guarantee that our legal services will equip you with the opportunity to find justice for any accidents which have transpired.

You may believe that hiring any lawyer will guarantee that they will defend you efficiently. The truth is that aviation law is very specialised and as such requires an expert in the field.

Our aviation lawyers in Johannesburg have the hands-on experience to deal with the complexities of the law. If your air travel, and safety, has been affected, you need to be assisted.

Admiralty law sits in conjunction with aviation law. It is a law which governs all forms of contracts, torts, injuries and offences which took place on navigable waters.

When an air travel business is negligent, a specialised lawyer will be able to pinpoint where they went wrong. Moreover, an aviation lawyer will know which jurisdiction protocols to follow.

With all of the rules and regulations attained, all our lawyers have to do is defend you with integrity. They know their way around aviation law and are highly experienced within the internal knowledge of aviation itself.

Michael Krawitz And Co.

We specialise in a multitude of different aviation cases, with the ability to handle all levels of complexities. Being an aviation lawyer in Johannesburg offers us the opportunity to protect those who are not knowledgeable about aviation regulations.

Allow us to look at each detail and actions involved in the case so that we can provide the best legal assistance to you.

We will handle your case directly and will be with you from start to finish.

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