What constitutes Family Law?


Raising a family is no easy matter, and it is an adventure filled with as many complications and disputes as it is with joy and fulfilment. Nothing in this world of ours is certain; even family dynamics can shift over time, putting pressure on its members’ relationships, that can often only be solved through legal intermediaries. When settling matters of family disputes, especially those of a sensitive nature, a resolution can often only be found with professional legal assistance.

Family law, which is the legal faculty concerned with dealing with matters that have an impact on family relationships, has become an integral part of our changing society that is, day by day, dealing with an ever-greater number of complicated family disputes which are determining, for better or worse, the futures of those parties concerned.

So, considering the importance of this field, here is a little information that will help you get a better understanding of the functions and importance of family law.

Divorce and Separation Agreements

The dissolution of a marriage is a complicated affair, and when considering the emotional strain that the event has on both parties, the process of legal matters such as the distribution of assets needs to be undertaken by an attorney.

A separation agreement may be undertaken when a couple seeks to part ways and separate assets without the final dissolution resulting from divorce. This may be done as a preparation to divorce, or in consideration of one.

Adoption, Custardy and Child Support

Deciding who retains primary responsibility for children after a marriage has been dissolved is a crucial aspect of family law, and is therefore one of the most valuable attorney services in South Africa.

There is a lot to consider when determining custardy over children, as well as when working out a suitable child support scheme; all of which are legal matters which need to be handled by attorneys.

Visitation and Restraining Orders

The protection of family members, either from a parent, outsider or any family member is a concern for many people in our country; and after a particularly nasty separation, law services pertaining to visitation rights and restraining orders might be crucial to ensure personal safety, as well as that of vulnerable family members.

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