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Criminal Lawyers in Sandton

Looking for highly experienced and competent criminal lawyers in Sandton? Michael Krawitz is the law firm for you. We have the most passionate and professional lawyers in South Africa. They are dedicated to supporting you through the criminal law process.

The law itself is a collection of several always which can be applied to criminal acts. If an individual has committed a criminal act, they did not adhere to the specific criminal statute.

Criminal law looks at what has been done. It then decides whether the individual deserves forfeiture of their rights, and subsequent imprisonment or rehabilitation.

Our criminal lawyers in Sandton look to defend those who have been charged with being unlawful in some regard.

Concerning either misdemeanours and felonies, we will defend and support you through the case. Although a misdemeanour is not as serious a case as a felony, we look to provide the best quality legal aid throughout.

Our team of expert criminal law experts will be able to help you through the entire process, start to finish.

Contact us for more information on our services, as well as any questions you have for our criminal lawyers.

We contain extensive knowledge of the legal system. We know what to expect and how to navigate the court and judicial system effectively.

Allow us to look at the facts and proceed accordingly.

Furthermore, we will protect our clients against penalties which you do not deserve. Many a time certain penalties can be averted by simply having the right backing of legal aid. This is where we come in.

Something which we have, that you may not, is the resources to efficiently handle your case. Manpower, knowledge and the ability to find the witnesses and cross-examine the case. This is why we provide the assistance we do.

Moreover, we will save you time and money which is something you can never get back.

We understand that most people aren’t lawyers and don’t have the access to resources which we do.

Our goal is to support you with integrity and honour.

Allow us to provide the best criminal la