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Can A Man Have More Than One Wife In South Africa?

Polygamy is generally illegal.  Polygamy is however, a well-known practice that has been part of Customary Law in South Africa for many years.  Customary Law means the customs and usages traditionally observed amongst the indigenous peoples of South Africa, and a customary marriage means a marriage concluded in accordance with Customary Law… read more


What Constitutes Unfair Dismissal?

Unfair dismissal is an ugly phrase regardless of which party you represent, but it is a common occurrence in the South African workplace. Understanding your rights and responsibilities as either an employee or an employer is the first step to eliminating the occurrence of improper employment practices that rob both individuals and institutions of their dignity… read more


Labour Law and Mental Illness

There is nothing uncommon about high levels of stress and anxiety beingthe result of the modern-day workplace, though few of us take the time to acknowledge the affect that this can have on our lives. In 2000, the World Health Organisation estimated that around 10 percent of those with mental-health disorders which should otherwise leave them incapable of working, are in a position where they cannot stop doing so; which is no surprise… read more


Examples of Workplace Discrimination

Identifying and combatting workplace discrimination has become a serious topic for South Africans, and it is because of the multicultural complexities of our society that this has happened. In a country of variety such as ours, it is no surprise that people often wrestle with the notion and practice of workplace discrimination based on culture, race, gender, religion and disability… read more


What constitutes Family Law?

Raising a family is no easy matter, and it is an adventure filled with as many complications and disputes as it is with joy and fulfilment. Nothing in this world of ours is certain; even family dynamics can shift over time, putting pressure on its members’ relationships… read more